I Know What He Wants.

Okay. So, we watched STAR WARS: The Force Awakens before bed.

Yes, the Chewbacca and BB-8 plushies are adorable, but focus! This post isn’t about that!

Last night, my ten-year-old sat bolt upright from a dead sleep. “I KNOW WHAT HE WANTS!” He yelled, eyes wide, panting.

“What?!” I said. “Who?”

“I know,” he repeated more quietly, but with fervor, “what he wants.”

“Are you still asleep?” I asked. “What WHO wants?”

His eyes, still wild but already closing under heavy lids, finally found me in the chair across from his bed. “Luke Skywalker.”

He was asleep again before I thought to follow up with the next obvious question. It ate away at me for several long minutes as he began breathing evenly again. I could not imagine that any prophet had ever had more conviction in his voice than my son had just demonstrated in his Star Wars fueled dream-revelation. I needed to know. What DID Luke Skywalker want? I seriously considered waking him up.

I was about to leave when he woke again with a cough. I hurried over to his bed.

“You awake?” I said. “I have a very important question.”

“Hm?” His eyes were mostly open.

“What,” I said earnestly “does Luke Skywalker want?”

“Oh,” he mumbled. “Um… Peace.”

* * *

Okay, so I understand that perhaps I was stupid tired, and I had just watched Force Awakens not an hour before, but THAT FELT LIKE SOME PROFOUND SH**.

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  1. This is hilarious, pretty profound.

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